Hotel de Guimarães

Guimarães is the cradle of Portugal. In 2001, the old town was classified as a World Heritage Site. by UNESCO.
Guimarães, a medieval town, has its roots in the 10th century..

It was at this moment when Countess Mumadona Dias, widow of Hermenegildo Mendes, built a monastery that became a pole of attraction and led to the creation of a population group.
At the same time, Mumadona built a castle a short distance from the hill, creating a second point of union.
Later, the monastery became a chapter house and acquired great importance due to the privileges and donations that kings and nobles were giving. It became a famous pilgrimage centre where believers went with prayers and promises.

The town continued to grow and a defensive wall was erected. Currently, it is one of the pearls of the city.